Fw: On Essen Lenin Conference

George Snedeker snedeker at SPAMconcentric.net
Sun Mar 4 15:09:00 MST 2001

> Would anyone here like to do me the honour of having a go at Mr.
Jameson? - He has a
> following among some more "posrt modern" Marxists I have run across. It is
> distressing, actually. He invokes October and people grant him carte
vlanche. > Again though, I am curious as to the respected opinions here of
> Macdonald

Jameson often claims to be the only remaining Marxist left in the academy.
he has attempted to provide a Marxist take on "the postmodern." he sees it
as a product of late capitalism. this is Mandel's LATE CAPITALISM. his
writing is difficult, a kind of Hegelian Marxism. In THE POLITICAL
UNCONSCIOUS, he attempts a grand synthesis of Lukacs and Althusser with a
little Lacan and Benjamin thrown in the soup. he generally takes good
positions on politics. I doubt if he would have supported the bombing of
Serbia. he is open to the kinds of poststructuralist analysis most people on
this list have trouble seeing as having anything to do with Marxism or a
progressive politics. I would agree that it is difficult to see how his
theoretical reflections translate into a practice, except in the class room
or lecture hall. his analysis of postmodernism operates on a high level of
abstraction. it is an attempt to come to terms with new theoretical
developments in the academy. he offers a theoretical defense of the Marxist
project. that may not be enough for political activists.


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