Return of the Clinton Sex Scandal- An Exclusive Report

Tony Abdo aabdo at
Sun Mar 4 16:09:47 MST 2001


Their Romantic White House Nights
The ENQUIRER has uncovered a telling secret behind Bill Clinton's
controversial pardon of Denise Rich's fugitive ex-husband Marc -- she
was having an affair with Clinton in the White House!
The issue that hits stands Friday reveals that New York socialite and
Democratic contributor Denise was a frequent visitor to the White House
as a guest of the President -- even while Hillary was away.

Find out what Bill and Denise did in the secrecy of the White House,
what Hillary thought about the affair -- and why Denise was so desperate
to see her ex-husband pardoned.
Sorry to interrupt the discussions on 'value theory' and 'new economy',
but this on-the-scene coverage from the National Inquirer seemed to be a
pressing concern.

It appears to be that the Republican defense of the illegitimate Bush
Presidency, will be to relaunch a renewal of Sex Wars, a Space Odyssey,
Part Two.    And Clinton, as always, is leading the way personally, with
activities that lead to bipartisan co-operation.      I'm referring to
his pardon of Marc Rich, nothing more.

Less anyone believe that this is nothing more than an NI effort to
inform inquiring minds, I read about it first in Excelsior.      It
seems that they must have gotten tired of reporting always on Sergio
Andrade, and his ex teenage girl harem.

Who can concentrate on issues like democracy and war (not to mention
value theory) when there is so much immoral sex going on?


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