Argentinean Ministery of Economy: from Velociraptors to T-rexes

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> Nestor wrote:
> >
> > While the lines above were written, the Minister of Economy José Luis
> Machinea
> > was being replaced.
> Hi Nestor,
> BBC and CNN are reporting De La Rúa has sacked his whole cabinet. Up to now no
> new economics minister has been named.

No. What has happened is something very usual here: the whole cabinet has
resigned in order to leave the President with full liberty to act. This does
not mean that all of them will be sacked, which anyway is a possibility. The
main issue, however, is the appointment of a hard right-wing guard to steer the
Ministery of Economy.

> Does this mean the internal divisons within the Alianza are even greater
> than believed before and De La Rúa is already finished now?

Much worse than that.

In fact, one should not imagine the cabinets in Argentina as the result of the
negotiations between a coalition. The Alianza (FREPASO-UCR) has had little to
do with what in Europe is understood as an alliance. There has been a basic
component (the UCR, that is the "Radical" party) who could not obtain the votes
they needed by themselves alone, and a secondary one (the FREPASO) which
provided those votes. Essentially, what the FREPASO did was to cover up an
essentially reactionary candidate such as De la Rúa with a mediatic image of

They thus betrayed their bona-fide voters, mostly "progressive" petty bourgeois
who, however, react in awe at the sight of the mobilization of the working
class. Once the betrayal consummated, the traitor is not necessary any more.
THE RADICAL PARTY) a fully reactionary cabinet is taking command.

This is a right wing government with petty bourgeois support, in a country that
is under the most extreme conditions of pressure and degradation ever. If one
could have harbored some sense of hope during the first weeks (I tend to always
do that, by the way) taking into account the basically popular vote that took
them to power, now things are clear to whoever wants to see.

The simple truth is: the financial vampires want another share of flesh, and
they force the moves of the weak FREPASO by allowing De la Rúa to take to
office his actual friends (López Murphy, Cavallo, Sturzenegger, Artana,
probably the ultra-Menemist Redrado) so they can fully deploy their programme.

But this program, if seriously taken to task, will imply a wave of turmoil. Is
De la Rúa blind? Or he is smart enough to risk such a turmoil in order to
impose some kind of state of exceptionality which will allow to have elections
under conditions of extreme political repression? We shall see.

Marches are announced or prepared -well before the new cabinet was proposed-
for the second half of March. I guess we are entering turbulent days. Again, we
shall see.

Most probably, however, the basic message is "struggle ahead, all on board!"

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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