Fw: On Essen Lenin Conference

Dennis R Redmond dredmond at SPAMoregon.uoregon.edu
Sun Mar 4 19:21:39 MST 2001

On Sun, 4 Mar 2001, George Snedeker wrote:

> progressive politics. I would agree that it is difficult to see how his
> theoretical reflections translate into a practice, except in the class room
> or lecture hall. his analysis of postmodernism operates on a high level of
> abstraction.

One might well ask, how *else* do you analyze a world-system of 6 billion
people, except through the most powerful of abstractions? Jameson is that
rare bird, a genuinely dialectical thinker. There's a tremendous
complexity to his thought, and also a powerful simplicity; not only does
he take capitalism, class struggle and modes of production dead seriously,
but he has canny things to say about them. Jameson was the first thinker
to put Sartre, Adorno, Bloch etc. on the US map, in his "Marxism and
Form", and revolutionized culture-studies in his "Political Unconscious".
In a nutshell, he was really the first Marxist of note to descry the
radical potential of the micropolitical movements, two decades before

That said, there are various quibbles one could have with his approach,
but there's no denying his enormous productive role in revitalizing the US
intellectual Left, and bringing postmodernism (a.k.a. the cultural logic
of late capitalism, that strange beast which reigns where Wall Street
claims to rule) to the forefront of the global theory-scene.

-- Dennis

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