Why NATO simultaneously arms trains and denounces the KLA

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Mon Mar 5 08:44:42 MST 2001

Dear friends,

Yoshie raised the following on the crashlist.  I am  posting her question and
my response on this list as well because I think this is a very important
question for understanding present situation in the Balkans.

 > Yoshie >>wrote:

 > *****   New York Times 28 February 2001
 > U.S. and NATO Back Serbian Access to Kosovo Buffer Zone
 > BRUSSELS, Feb. 27 - Secretary of State Colin L. Powell said today
 > that the United States was prepared to allow Serbian soldiers back
 > into a three-mile-wide buffer zone along the Kosovo border, where
 > Albanian militants have been increasingly active.
 > What do Jared & others on the CrashList think of this development?
 > Yoshie >>

Hi, Yoshie.  Yeah, I saw that too.  Note that at the moment NATO issued that
promise, its KLA troops were escalating their attacks both into Serbia and
against Macedonia.

I think NATO is playing a many-faceted game and as with all such games, which
involve real thrusts and pretended thrusts to disguise the real ones and to
produce specific effects in groups they are trying to undermine,  the key is
to  get the big picture and ask: what are they after?  This is like the
problem with card tricks.  The magician has some simple method of knowing the
card, but he goes through very complex maneuvers which he wishes you to
believe are decisive, so you don't notice that he palmed the thing and looked
at the bottom of the deck.

So: what are they after? They are after the destruction of the cement of
Balkans unity, which is the Serbian people.  This cannot be done without the
physical destruction, that is murder, of about a million people.  Remember
Indonesia. In Indonesia they used what amounted to a proxy army.  This is how
they like to do it.  Yugoslavia is tricky, because the regular army is not
theirs, but they have forces in it, they have the government, and they have a
crazy-fascist terrorist proxy "army", the vicious/cowardly KLA.

Right now, there are many small struggles  and some not so small going on all
over Serbia.  But they are not yet fully linked and the people are not yet in
the state of mind to see the political character of their oppression - they
see: no electricity, layoffs, theft of businesses they in essence owned, and
so on.  Whatever.  But not fully the connection with the Kosthunitsa

The formerly part-bureaucratic part-real Socialist Party has had the bad/good
fortune of shedding some dead weight.  NATO maintains a deception in my
opinion through the use of Koshtunitsa who talks from both sides of mouth
(the speculations over his "honesty" not withstanding) but there is
increasing claritymong ordianry people.   NATO wishes to destroy the Serbs
but wishes to avoid a straight-out confrontation with the formidable Yugoslav
Army.  The army is politically torn.  NATO wishes to finesse the situation,
breaking the army as an effective force before engaging it - if ever.

Thus NATO a) verbally denounces the KLA b) trains and arms and provides air
cover for the KLA c) orders (through its stooges, the present regime)
Yugoslav security forces not to fire their weapons except in extreme
circumstances d) promises and promises and promises to stop the KLA which
meanwhile has literally set up customs booths on roads from inner Serbia to
Kosovo!  Do you see?  They are stalling for time while they consolidate the
KLA's provocative abilities and attempt to  demoralize the army in
preparation for replacing as much of the Yugo loyalist officers as possible -
all at the same time.  Meanwhile AT THE SAME TIME, the French whose struggle
against the Anglo-US gang seems able to rise only to the level of gossip,
have leaked the story that NATO will use the KLA presence in Precevo Valley
as an excuse to send in NATO troops.  So they promise pie in the sky ("we
will let you into the buffer zone, etc. etc.) while in fact, they plan

The KLA forces are not rebellious Albanians, they are a mercenary division of
the U.S. marines or special forces which the BBC admits trains them. They are
incapable of defeating the Yugoslavs without immense help from NATO, hence
the complex shell game as the KLA becomes further entrenched, terrorizing all
ethnic groups increasingly further into inner Serbia, and the future fight of
the Yugoslav army becomes tactically more and more difference while NATO
attempts to demoralize it internally.


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