Why NATO simultaneously arms trains and denounces the KLA

Louis Proyect lnp3 at SPAMpanix.com
Mon Mar 5 08:58:33 MST 2001

>So: what are they after? They are after the destruction of the cement of
>Balkans unity, which is the Serbian people.  This cannot be done without the
>physical destruction, that is murder, of about a million people.  Remember
>Indonesia. In Indonesia they used what amounted to a proxy army.  This is
>they like to do it.  Yugoslavia is tricky, because the regular army is not
>theirs, but they have forces in it, they have the government, and they
have a
>crazy-fascist terrorist proxy "army", the vicious/cowardly KLA.

I don't agree with this analysis. Kostunica is the Putin of Yugoslavia. The
United States has begun to shift away from support of the KLA toward the
Serb government and army in a pattern similar to support of the Russian
ongoing campaign against the Chechens. If a revolutionary government came
to power in Moscow sworn to re-unite the USSR and launch world revolution,
all of a sudden the Chechens would become the 'cause celebre' of the month
and Susan Sontag's protestations against red-brown genocide would begin
appearing on the op-ed pages of the Times. The KLA was never just a puppet,
in the same fashion that the Afghan, Angolan or Nicaraguan contras were
never totally controlled by the CIA. In fact you can't really deploy a
counter-revolutionary force on this basis. You really need to allow the
local goons some leeway otherwise the rank-and-file murderers will not risk
their lives.

Louis Proyect
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