The Worker's Struggle at Duro Bag Company and Why It isImportant

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Mon Mar 5 11:21:33 MST 2001

Thanks, Jay, but I don't feel like I'm an expert in the least about
what's going on in the Mexican Labor Movement.      That would be Dan La
Botz and the highly recommended Mexican Labor News and Analysis.

<what I was wondering is what does it mean in the present political
context in Mexico to still have "official" unions, since the PRI which
ever so tightly controlled the "official" unions is no longer in power
nationally? Have some of these unions and their bureaucrats realigned
with the new Fox regime or what? Does the fact that the PRI is not in
power mean that there might be some movement for change within the

I think that many of the traditional PRI structures are devolving into
localized gangs of a sort.     This appears to be especially true of the
"official" unions, CROC and CTM.

I don't know that it is possible politically,  for either PAN or the
'union' thugs to approach each other too close, or too directly.
Officially, they are each others enemies.

However, both are servants of the corporations, too.      The official
unions were not just PRI creatures, but were also creatures of the PRI/
corporate alliance.     I suspect that the 'official' unions will appear
more and more gangsterish, without the authority of the state behind
them.     And they will become seen more and more, as nothing more than
hired guns of the corporations, themselves.

I would love to see Dan's opinion on this.     It would also be great to
have him on this list.    But short of that, check out the MLNA.

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