Why NATO simultaneously arms trains and denounces the KLA

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<< The KLA was never just a puppet,
 in the same fashion that the Afghan, Angolan or Nicaraguan contras were
 never totally controlled by the CIA. I >>

Dear Lou,

If the contras weren't total puppets this sets the requirements of
total-puppet-hood pretty high.  But OK, none of these guys are ever totally
controlled; humans can't be.

But we need not speculate at least about certain facts: I have spoken to
eyewitnesses who were doing support work for the Yugoslav forces in the war
zone and they observed NATO helicopters flying cover for the KLA.  The BBC
says NATO continues to train the 'guerillas' attacking inner Serbia and
Former Macedonia.  The KLA is carrying heavy weapons in full view of NATO
troops, and so on.  The KLA is NOT a formidable army - but they are usable
for terror and harassment; and they provide NATO with a provocative situation
justifying further intervention if needed. That is, with tactical flexibility.

I agree with Lou that NATO would LIKE to "turn" the Yugoslav army  and that
is one of the reasons for NATO's current maneuvering. But NATO's  problem is
the politics of much of the army which are different from Kostunitsa.  So,
does NATO believe they can turn the army? Or are they just trying to make as
much headway as possible, weaken it, demoralize it as much as possible before
a confrontation?
We shall see.


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