Why NATO simultaneously arms trains and denounces the KLA

Louis Proyect lnp3 at SPAMpanix.com
Mon Mar 5 15:20:45 MST 2001

>Dear Lou,
>Well, I wouldn't say Miloshevic is Gorbachev.  For one thing, he has not
>retired from political life like a good boy; he is calling for resistance;
>his huge party  is calling for resistance; they agree with the article I
>posted yesterday  ("KLA Attacks Everyone. Media Attacks...Miloshevich?" at
>http://emperors-clothes.com/articles/jared/expan.htm Of course, it takes a
>lot more political guts for them to translate that and post it than it does
>for me, here cozy in New England, and that courage of theirs is a political
>fact which stands in opposition to US plans for Balksn and Former Soviet U.

Are they calling for resistance? I am not sure what this means. More to the
point, Milosevic is a conventional social democratic politician. In fact
European Stalinism virtually made itself over into social democracy in the
period following the collapse of the USSR. Every one of these "Communist"
parties has run tepid election campaigns and when elected, as was the case
in Romania, shown very little initiative to reversing the capitalist
onslaught. Part of the problem is that every one of these parties are
locked into a nationalist framework that can see no alternative to fixes
based on the national economy. Under extreme conditions, with an aggressive
NATO and IMF, an internationalist outlook such as the kind that Lenin and
Castro represented.

>The fact that Milosehvich and the SPS refuse to crawl or convert (like the
>Bulgarian Socialist Party which is now the twin of the UDF) is most
>significant and if there was no resistance in the army how could they get
>away with this?   Moreover, you fail to grasp the essence: the Serbian
>loathe NATO and NATO long ago planned to crush them.

The SPS refuses to crawl. So does the Russian Communist Party. However,
refusing to crawl is not adequate. It is necessary to create exceptionally
audacious methods of struggle that tap the energy of the most oppressed and
exploited layers of society. Nothing I have seen coming out of Yugoslavia
since the Kostunica coup would indicate that something like this is in the

Louis Proyect
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