farewell to academe

Michael Yates mikey+ at SPAMpitt.edu
Mon Mar 5 17:59:50 MST 2001


Yes, academic quality for all.  By the way, I am only able to retire
because of the nature of my retirement money.  For 32 years I saved 8%
of my pay and the University matched this with 12%.  A lot of this was
used by the pension fund to purchase stocks and the great US bull market
benefitted me greatly.  At age 55 I can access this account if I leave
the University.  So I am going to leave.  But the University is not
giving me any sort of early retirement.  Far from it.  After August I
will have to buy health insurance for my wife and I or go without it.

Thanks for you kind comments.

In solidarity (y venceremos!!),


Gorojovsky wrote:
> En relación a farewell to academe,
> el 5 Mar 01, a las 0:05, Michael Yates dijo:
> > Dear friends,
> > And of course we will always be
> > dedicated to the working class from which we came and whose liberation,
> > while a long way off, is the prerequisite for the creation of a society
> > with any pretension at all to freedom and democracy.
> >
> And academic quality.
> Envious that you can get a pension at 55, but happy to know that now you will
> be able to better help all of us.
> Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
> gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar

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