Why NATO simultaneously arms trains and denounces the KLA

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Mon Mar 5 20:44:14 MST 2001

>Alright- then explain this from the Sunday Times. Simply calling Milosevic
a Social
>Democrat in a similar vein to others in East Eorope is not sufficient.
Yugoslavia is
>NOT other Eat European states. I don't know what this means either, but if
I saw a
>mob of violent people surrounding any leader from the former Soviet world,
I'd expect
>they were dishing out last rites to the guilty (like Gorbachev) or they
were paid
>heavily in beer and cash. Personally, I think the likelihood of Milosevic
>with Norman Shwatzkopf and the Fortune 500 set like Gorby is beyond the
pale- and not
>because Milosevic is that demonised. Because, though he may be no
revolutionary- he
>ain't no latter day Quisling either.

Mac, the article describes a possible move by Milosevic loyalists to defend
him from arrest by any means necessary, including arms. The task that
confronts Yugoslavia today is to mobilize the millions of people who are
facing attacks on living conditions from capitalist onslaught. This
involves proletarian methods of struggle such as mass demonstrations,
strikes, rallies, picket-lines, agitation through print and electronic
media, etc. This simply is not the way that the Socialist Party of
Yugoslavia functioned in the past, nor will it function in the future. One
thing to keep in mind is that the CP of Yugoslavia transformed itself into
something called the SP for ideological reasons. It was part of a process
that could accurately be called perestroika Yugoslavia-style, even before
Gorbachev came on the scene. It is one thing to defend Milosevic against
the lies found in publications like Against the Current or Green Left
Weekly. It is another thing to fool ourselves into believing that he wants
to rouse the masses of Eastern Europe (this is what is required at a
minimum) to turn back the imperialist assault.

Louis Proyect
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