Showdown with the Pacifica board

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Mon Mar 5 20:46:44 MST 2001

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Here is a classic piece of audio from the Pacifica Board meeting in
Houston, thanks to intrepid recordist Liam Kirshner.

It is a direct download - he made it for us right quick because of my
piteous begging. The whole board meeting audio will eventually be
up in streaming mp3.

The audio is Janice K. Bryant reading from a prepared statement
detailing the misconduct of the Pacifica Board and demanding they
step down, and that democratic governance be instituted at
Pacifica. Cheers punctuate Janice's reading. Then, the whole room
bursts into chants of "resign now!" democracy now! naa naa naaa
hey hey goodbye!

Transcription hopefully later tonight, but here's the audio:

Louis Proyect
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