Why NATO simultaneously arms trains and denounces the KLA

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> Kostunica is the Putin of Yugoslavia.

As it could be guessed, I don't agree with the above, whatever Louis Pr. means
by "a Putin". There can be no Putin where there has not been a KGB, where there
are no nukes, where there is no remaining Great Power potential to destroy.
Kostunica is, basically, the representative of the reactionary, mostly petty
bourgeois, classes or splinters of classes, who have decided to give up the
struggle for independence and social justice, and who of course have also
decided to piss on that "dead carcass", Yugoslav unity. In this sense, he is
more the Violeta Chamorro of Yugoslavia than anything else. And, just like her
illustrious Nicaraguan simile, he does not hold power within the armed forces.
If he did hold that power, the bloodbath that would have ensued the coup would
have been Dantesque.

There is a battle in Yugoslavia right now, a battle where Kostunica and his
side are the representatives of the United States and the NATO, while the
reformists of Milosevic's coalition and party are the representatives of the
struggling traditions of the Yugoslav peoples in Serbia. Of course, we all know
that these "reformists" are not as bold and strong as we are, oh, yes. We would
certainly be the best leadership if only -oh, "if only"- the Yugoslavs who are
still backing Milosevic trusted us. But they do not. And, if we were real,
flesh and blood Yugoslavs, then at the current circumstance we would have to
organize separately from Milosevic, but support his party and him against the
rogues who are now leading Yugoslavia. It is in the flow of events that history
generates that we can gain the confidence of the masses, not elsewhere.

Suggesting to a pro-Milosevic Yugoslav that Kostunitsa is now an agent of the
United States is breaking no news on her or him (although it impoverishes the
analysis, because, as Louis himself rightly points out, what actually matters
in this struggle is the concrete Yugoslav logic of politics, not a general
system of political relations floating on the global atmosphere). And telling
this person, immediately after that, that Milosevic and reformists such as
Milosevic will not take the struggle to the best end, will bewilder this
person, who will immediately ask you (if she or he even bother to do it): "Wait
a minute, why don't you side with me against NATO's intention to take Milosevic
to jail, and allow him to show that he actually is such a weak leader as you
are explaining?". The viciousness of the reaction of anti-Milosevic people is a
guarantee that this is the kind of answer one will get.

The situation in Yugoslavia may be the result of a tactical retreat, it may
also be the result of a final weakness of "reformists", most probably it is a
combination of both. But it is not very political, IMHO, to feel content with
this explanatory definition. There is ground for activity. And political
activity is always concrete.

Jared is right in pointing out that if Kostunica actually controlled the Armed
Forces, he would already have been more rude (what's more, I would add that if
the DOS controlled the Armed Forces, what would have happened is that Kostunica
would NOT have been the President, and he would have been replaced by some more
clearly thuggish individual) on Milosevic and the SPS. I have been amazed at
the sight of the "politeness" of his behaviour up to this day. There is a
battle within the Armed Forces, that is for sure. And in this battle, NATO
cannot fail to see that a good little local war which further divides Yugoslavs
in Serbia and further helps instilling the anti-unity feeling, that is Serbian
chauvinism, is a good help for the likes of Kostunica and those who will
replace him immediately after he "wins", if he ever wins.

> The
> United States has begun to shift away from support of the KLA toward the Serb
> government and army in a pattern similar to support of the Russian ongoing
> campaign against the Chechens. If a revolutionary government came to power in
> Moscow sworn to re-unite the USSR and launch world revolution, all of a sudden
> the Chechens would become the 'cause celebre' of the month and Susan Sontag's
> protestations against red-brown genocide would begin appearing on the op-ed
> pages of the Times. The KLA was never just a puppet, in the same fashion that
> the Afghan, Angolan or Nicaraguan contras were never totally controlled by the
> CIA. In fact you can't really deploy a counter-revolutionary force on this
> basis. You really need to allow the local goons some leeway otherwise the
> rank-and-file murderers will not risk their lives.
> Louis Proyect
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