Why NATO simultaneously arms trains and denounces the KLA

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el 5 Mar 01, a las 19:46, Macdonald Stainsby dijo:

> It also emerged that the interior ministry had abandoned plans to send
> investigators to Milosevic's residence amid doubts about the feasibility of
> arresting or detaining him.
> The furore over Milosevic is straining Kostunica's fragile ruling alliance
> to the limit. The anti-American president, an avowed opponent of the
> International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in the Hague, is
> opposed by Djindjic and Vladen Batic, the Serbian justice minister.

Now, Louis has answered warning us that neither Milo nor his wife are too
different from other former Stalinists turned Social Democrats in Eastern
Europe. That what is needed is a revolutionary upheaval of the whole of the
Eastern European population. And right he is, but...

But I don't see the possibility that such an upheaval takes place unless along
a road that begins by strongly supporting these strange social-democrats who do
not want to cry "uncle". Historic conflict, sometimes, traverses very strange
paths. If we want to help this upheaval to take place, it is necessary in my
opinion -not as well informed as I would like it to be, granted- to support
these seeds of struggle. This is the actual political dilemma in Belgrade
today. Shall we allow the NATO and DOS to put Milosevic in prison, thus in fact
putting the pride of the Yugoslav peoples in prison? Or shall we try to make
their decission difficult to the point that it is _they_ who cry "uncle"?

Later on, the paper quoted by Macdonald explains that:

> Kostunica's dilemma is complicated by Washington's insistence that
> Yugoslavia will receive hundreds of millions of dollars of aid only if
> Milosevic is arrested and transferred to the Hague by March 31.

Wouldn't this be enough? Of course, we already know that Milosevic cannot be
compared to our great heroes of struggle for revolutionary socialism the world
over, and all that. He is simply a person, a patriotic politician in a country
that has been torn by a long decade of foreign imposed civil wars, and who is
under permanent harassment by imperialism. Just that. Only that.

Our own bourgeoisie chooses him as the enemy. Some Yugoslavs do not care a
damn, others defend him. Who shall we be with? This is not the moment, IMHO, to
split hairs on his revolutionary credentials. If we want to build something
resembling a revolutionary movement in Eastern Europe (and if we do not want to
do that, then all the conversation on this list is masturbatory), then this is
positively NOT the moment to stress our differences with Milosevic.

We know he is not us. OK. But the question is, as always, "Hic Rhodes, hic
salta" (Plautus, Miles Gloriosus: "you say you have made a hundred yards leap
in Rhodes? Well, _here_ is Rhodes, jump _here_!"; Plautus, by the way, knew
what he wrote about, being a slave as he was).


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