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Tue Mar 6 07:36:21 MST 2001

At this point we can make a generalization about all of the regimes that
constituted the Soviet bloc in Europe. In every instance where pro-Western
regimes came to power, through a combination of electoral free choice,
economic and military pressure, CIA subversion, etc., the "Stalinist"
parties have failed to reverse the process. Even when they are voted back
into power, such as in Romania or Belarus, they lack the power and the will
and the *political understanding* to turn back the clock. Therefore, it
fosters illusions to think that Yugoslavia will be able to dislodge
Kostunica or future Kostunica-like regimes. Even if Milosevic comes back
into power, he will not be able to reverse the privatization process that
began shortly after the coup. As a general rule of thumb, it takes
revolutionary mass mobilizations to create a "workers state", to use
Trotskyist lingo, in the first instance. It will certainly take
revolutionary mass mobilizations to bring them back into power once
overthrown. Only the masses can make history. So far there is not even the
slightest shred of evidence that Milosevic has appealed to the masses. If
anything, the rightists with their Otpor and their Radio B-92, etc., proved
much more adept at mass mobilization and agitation. As Trotsky pointed out
in the 1930s, when the left adopts tepid reformist tactics while the right
is embarked on street fighting tactics, defeat is inevitable.

Louis Proyect
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