Value Theory (2): TSS Paradigm (Corrected)

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Tue Mar 6 13:27:24 MST 2001

how long must we sit around waiting for the "falling rate of profit" to
fall. it is like waiting for the anti-Christ.
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Subject: Value Theory (2): TSS Paradigm (Corrected)

> Sid,
> another way of making my objection:
> since you have assumed that v=0, how can one determine whether a
> rising s/v, as well as ever larger valorization base (i.e, absorption
> of more labor in each period), would counteract the falling profit
> rate which you have derived on TSS assumptions?
> Moreover, the fall in the rate of the profit could be so slow and
> more than compensated for by the increase in the mass of profit
> extorted that the throttling of the capitalist mechanism would only
> obtain some time before the sun burnt out, as Rosa Luxemburg once put
> it.
> All the best, Rakesh

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