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Tue Mar 6 14:49:51 MST 2001

Dr. George Snedeker wrote:

> Joao Paulo,
> I am very interested in the novels of Jose Saramago. I was wondering if you
> had any impression of his work. there has been very little critical
> discussion of the political import of his novels in the U.S.
> George
> ----- Or

It's been surely more than ten years since I last read a novel by Saramago. In
fact, I think his last stuff is not very good: boring parables, alegories,
philosophical/moralistic stories for which he has no breath. He has decayed
rather rapidly. He has also an habit for giving lots of opinions on everithing
imaginable and often says very silly things.

What he was really good at was in the historical novel with a popular magical
I would recommend two books as his vintage:

- 'Levantado do Chão', 1980
- 'Memorial do Convento' (which I believe is translated in english as 'Baltazar
and Blimunda'), 1982

To these maybe you could add:

- 'Manual de Pintura e Caligrafia', 1977 (which I haven't read)
- 'O Ano da morte de Ricardo Reis', 1984 and
- 'A Jangada de Pedra', 1986.

I have written some things on Saramago before, which I will sent in a separate

João Paulo Monteiro

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