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Tue Mar 6 18:37:12 MST 2001

philip, are you sure this is off list?:))

on Milo, I basically agree, but we should not go overboard with bashing
the leader of a country who is demonized by imperialism as a figure
"committing evil crimes against humanity". no easy surrender to
imperialist moral propaganda either..

cheers, Xxxx

Philip Ferguson wrote:
> >It is one thing to defend Milosevic against
> >the lies found in publications like Against the Current or Green Left
> >Weekly. It is another thing to fool ourselves into believing that he wants
> >to rouse the masses of Eastern Europe (this is what is required at a
> >minimum) to turn back the imperialist assault.
> Right on!
> There's no point in us battling the capitulationists to imperialism through
> ourselves capitulating to illusions in the likes of Milosevic.

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