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David Carroll wrote:
> I was curious: is there a particular English edition of Das Kapital that can
> be considered the best translation, or best scholarly edition?  I'm
> organizing a reading group to read Capital, but I'm not too familiar with
> the different versions.  Any suggestions?

I am not either. I have Das Kapital on my book shelf introduced by
Ernest Mandel and translated by Ben Fowkes. It is a pretty good edition
(Vintage books, A division of Random House, NY). It was assigned to a
Marxist theoory reading group I was part of at grad school here.

> Additionally, if there is a stand-alone edition of the Manifesto you've
> developed a liking for, please let me know.
> Dave Carroll

The last edition has an intro by Hobsbawm.

cheers, Xxxx

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