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Wed Mar 7 07:35:52 MST 2001

Hi Lou:

Re: Saramago, Harry Potter, and Pablo Escobar.

I haven't read Saramago but he was here in Bogotá the other day. His books
have shot to the top of the bestseller lists here, competeting directly
with Harry Potter, and "My Little Brother Pablo" (a biography of Pablo
Escobar by his older brother).

Most interesting about the man from a political point of view is that
everything he said in public here was a polemic against globalization - and
the literate middle classes are buying his books not so much for their
literary merit - but because he touched a strong undercurrrent of opinion
that is not being tapped by anyone here - not the bourgeois politicians,
and not the FARC and ELN, and not the various social democrats.


Louis Proyect
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