Do not Dismiss Miloshevich

Borba100 at Borba100 at
Wed Mar 7 18:11:52 MST 2001

One other thought.  The argument, being made in different ways by people
whose integrity I respect, that the current struggle in Serbia somehow falls
short because it is not part of a much bigger struggle, misses, I think, the

First, all struggles ARE  part of the same struggle INSOFAR as WE use them to
educate people.  And of course, there are connections now all over the
region, and within the USSR, and so on.  Do not be fooled by the surface of a
garden; there are moles under the surface.

But second, even if this were not so, even if the Serbs stood entirely alone,
and within Yugoslavia, the SPS were alone - do not underestimate the effect
of refusing to succumb in terms of ENCOURAGING people in other countries. It
encourages the Kurds, It encourages workers in Russia.  It encourages
soldiers in Belarus.  Even today, Spartacus moves me and you.

When the U.S. army captured Vietnamese peasants they were not sure who were
and who were not members of the Vietnamese NLF ("vietcong") . In an NLF movie
we used to show students in the early 60s, it said that captured people were
shown cowboy movies.  The people who wept when the Indians died - these, they
knew, were the NLF supporters.


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