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Some quick observations, though not directly related to the topic on
Milo. Actually, it is not related at all... this issue of speaking about
"oppressed nationality" is becoming so fucking outmoded among so called
progressive revisionists on the internet nowadays. I had a chance to
visit LBO archives today. How can one shut up after reading what was
going on? There was a reactionary discussion on reparations for black
slavery and on the issue of whether or not it would be useful for blacks
to demand reparations from white people (US). Of course, some self
identified progressives who are in the sectarian habit of giving a lip
sevice to Bernsteinian revisionism in the name of Marxism, opposed the
reparations on the grounds that it divides the working class and that
blacks should instead ask reparations from the US ruling class, not from
"white people" specifically. These are not seperate issues because
radical blacks in suppport of reparations do _both_. On top of all, who
is this "white people"? Doesn't it represent a position of power and
privilege? a privilege that _capitalism_ has created along racial lines,
and power that is above and beyond the immediate interests of one
specific class. To question that one nation systemically oppresses
another nation is TO DENY systemic racism and white historical
oppression of blacks, regardless of whether or not a unity between black
and working class people can or should exist . hence raising the issue
in terms of class unity _alone_ is to mystify racism, and does ZERO good
to Marxist national liberationist struggles. Ohh I know, if we apply
this logic, let' say, to Palestinians, on the grounds that Palestinian
struggle divides the working class unity of Israelis and Arabs, I am
sure it is not so difficult to apologize the Israeli oppression of Arabs
(considering the fact such a unity is impossible to achieve _as long as_
Israelis, including its working class, oppresses Arabs, as part of the
Israeli state). in any case, I just wanted to share my opinions on the
issue of oppressed nationality. It seems, given the revisionist
controversy over reparations and its politically dangerous
conclusions,we are far beyond affirmative action currently. there must
be a law prohibiting to cite Lenin on racism, as a matter of fact.  Damn

I am saying this because this discussion on reperations is so important
for us as Marxists. We have to stand fully united against racism and its
white middle class apologists who use this issue as an oportunity to
order progressive black people about what blacks should or should not

in solidarity with oppressed nationalities,  Xxxx

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