Censorship, Canadian Style

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Wed Mar 7 22:57:25 MST 2001

Roland Chrisjohn:
>Whether one is a hard-nosed racist (and attributes these
>problems to some kind of genetic defect or problem in our
>"hard-wiring") or a bleeding heart (and attributes these problems to
>"cultural deprivations," "bad parenting," "dependency," or some
>similar pattern of experiences), the mainstream tends to propose
>"cures" on a limited range of themes: change those indigenous people.
>Indians need therapy, or drugs, or confinement, or to be thrown into
>the deep end of the pool and forced to sink or swim.  The difference
>between a "liberal" and "conservative" approach to the problems of
>Aboriginal peoples in Canada involves the severity of the program of
>changing us, and does not involve a fundamental critique of the
>structure of mainstream Canadian society.

Excellent article. Thanks for posting it.

One of the most deplorable examples of a "liberal" response to
consequences of past genocidal policies is in the tragedy of gas
sniffing Innu children in the coastal community of Davis Inlet, Labrador
(so shamelessly exploited in the media for its shock value.)

The basic problem arises from past policies seeking to divest the Innu
of their traditional hunting and fishing territories by forcing them to
settle on a tiny island, with no cultural or historical significance to
them, in a town which was literally built overnight by the Government.
Drop a prefab shanty town into the frozen subarctic, tell the people
they can no longer live by the traditional ways but must get jobs like
regular Canadians (what jobs? where?), and watch the rot set in. The
Innu don't even qualify under the Canadian Indian Act for what miserable
benefits that might bring. They joined Canada along with
Newfoundland/Labrador in 1949, long after the Indian Act was instituted,
and continue having to rely on welfare from the Nfld Govt. When the
inevitible catastrophe was exposed in the media in the early 90s,
through shocking images of young children sniffing gas and talking
casually about suicide, the country was scandalised and governments had
to act. The new plan? Move the entire community into a *new* cluster of
prefab bungaloes, only this time a little nicer and farther down the

The Innu of Labrador have been forced into a deadly form of economic and
cultural limbo, and the Liberal governments' only solution is to apply
the same medicine all over again. More anaesthetic before the lethal
injection kicks in.

Oh yes, and the gas "addicted" children have been taken into detox and
therapy by an army of social workers (many against their will and the
wills of their parents), to be returned later to the brave new
*sedentary* subarctic happytown that will be created for them.

For more, see the independent study that was commissioned by the Innu
people, and dismissed by Canadian Government as "exaggerated."
Canada's Tibet – the killing of the Innu:

For a liberal media version see:
and navigate by the banner:
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Conservative writers just carp about the waste of tax payers' dollars on
the Innu, not understanding, as good liberal governments do, that bad
native programs are just a tiny investment compared to the wealth that
can be taken from their land.

Brian James

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