CPC still bars business people from party

Mark Munsterhjelm gustav88 at SPAMms13.hinet.net
Thu Mar 8 00:18:22 MST 2001


As for considering myself Taiwanese or Chinese.
My wife is Chinese while my child speaks Mandarin Chinese(Beijinghua), English, and
Taiwanese(Minnanhua). As for seeing myself as Taiwanese or Chinese I'm still trying to
work out what those terms mean. For example does Taiwanese mean only Minnan speaking
peoples, or does it include the Hakkanese, and/or First Nations (Aboriginal peoples).
example are British people really European? What does European mean? Does the term
British include Welsh, Scots and English? I am heavily influenced by Taiwan's cultures
since I have lived here for 9 years. It has become my home and therefore I have a
personal connection with it.

Best regards,
Mark Munsterhjelm
Sanchung Taiwan (not a province of the PRC)
e-mail: gustav88 at ms13.hinet.net

Macdonald Stainsby wrote:

> > These books of 25 years ago have an ironically appropriate ring to them,
> > I wonder if they are still read in the PRC today?
> >
> > Best regards,
> > Mark Munsterhjelm
> > Sanchung, Taiwan
> > e-mail: gustav88 at ms13.hinet.net
> For whatever it is worth, I have that exact book (I just opened it to double check)
> and I bought it at the only store in Vancouver that sells books produced by Beijing.
> (Van China Books- where I got my lil Red Book) It was on the shelf next to the copies
> of Deng's complete works, which I could not afford.
> Mark- Are you someone who sees himself as a Chinese, or a Taiwanese?
> Curious,
> Macdonald

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