GLW: ZIMBABWE: Socialist MP survives challenge from MDC righ

Patrick Bond pbond at
Thu Mar 8 13:45:35 MST 2001

> From:          Borba100 at
> Date:          Thu, 8 Mar 2001 10:59:42 EST
> Why would a socialist run under the banner of the MDC, which is not simply
> "conservative" but rather part of a worldwide network run by Washington to
> install Imperial flunkies in the guise of "democracy" and "open society" etc.
> Jared

All the most serious lefties in Zim are either in the MDC or are in
civil society groups connected to it. They say the battle for
its heart, soul and programme isn't over. I'm pretty sure it is (and
that they have got to go back to the grassroots). But I live 1200 km
away from Harare, and 5-6 visits a year aren't enough to do their
argument justice. But I've laid out some of the competing arguments
about the balance of forces and urgency of replacing Mugabe with a
democrat, in an article forthcoming this month at

Hope it confuses you even slightly, comrade Jared!

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