China to abolish 570 rules for WTO compliance

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5 March 2001

China to abolish 570 rules for WTO compliance
BEIJING: China, which was set to join the World Trade Organisation (WTO)
this year, would abolish 570 administrative laws that did not comply with
the rules of the multilateral trade body, a spokesman for the Chinese
parliament said here on Sunday.
"We have nearly completed amending the administrative rules so as to comply
with WTO rules," Zeng Jianhui told reporters, ahead of the 11-day session of
the National People's Congress (NPC), China's parliament, from Monday.
Zeng said that China's state council (cabinet) had approved amendments to
140 foreign trade statutes and was ready to abolish 570 other administrative
regulations which did not comply with WTO rules.
Anti-dumping and anti-subsidy rules were also being drafted, the spokesman
Meanwhile, Chinese legislators have adopted amendments to laws on patent,
customs, Sino-foreign cooperative enterprises and joint ventures.
Amendments to the copyright law and trademark law were being deliberated,
while laws on anti-trust, foreign trade and import and export commodities
inspection would be drafted, Zeng said.
China's entry into WTO is being held up mainly by disagreements over
agriculture subsidies, according to media reports here.
Some top trade officials had recently said that China could complete its
membership process by as early as March. However, some reports said that it
could be delayed as late as November. (PTI)
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