Hate groups, the KKK & picking up trash in Missouri

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Thu Mar 8 18:29:44 MST 2001

In a message dated 3/8/01 1:39:42 PM Central Standard Time, tony at tao.ca

<< I've already started lobbying to have the trash from British Columbia
 trucked down to the highways of Missouri. Perhaps other list members might
 want to think of tossing their Twinkie wrappers and so forth on the
 highway if they happen to be driving through that area...

 - Tony

Hey Tony,

I live in Missouri and it is only a small stretch of highway along I-55 South
that the KKK has "adopted." Actually they have never picked up any litter.
So, please do not send your litter to all of Missouri.

MJ in St. Louis

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