CPC still bars business people from party

Henry C.K. Liu hliu at SPAMmindspring.com
Thu Mar 8 19:13:00 MST 2001

It is a self deception that Taiwan has de facto independence. Taiwan is a de facto US
colony to
fight Asian communism.  The price for the US to return Taiwan to China is for China to
communism.  You are unwittingly or perhaps wittingly playing to US imperialism by
"conditions would likely have to improve in the PRC."

Henry C.K. Liu

Mark Munsterhjelm wrote:

> Hello,
> Taiwan has de facto independence now. As for supporting a formal declaration, I am
>like most
> Taiwanese in supporting the maintenance of the status quo for the foreseeable
>future. War is
> still a serious possibility if independence was formally declared and few here want
>to risk
> that. As for Taiwan eventually joining in some sort of formal political arrangement
>with China,
> it's hard to say but conditions would likely have to improve in the PRC before that
>would have
> lots of support here.
> Mark Munsterhjelm
> Sanchung, Taiwan
> "Henry C.K. Liu" wrote:
> > The question is: do you support Taiwan independence as a political objective?
> >
> > Henry C.K. Liu
> >

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