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WomensNet Alerts: March 8, 2001

Protect Working Women! Save OSHAs Ergonomic Standards in the Workplace!

In an anti-woman and anti-worker move, the US Senate voted yesterday to
repeal the workplace ergonomics standard established under the  Occupational
Safety and Health Act (OSHA) that helps prevent repetitive  strain injuries
and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Anti-Choice Tactics Threaten Abortion Access

Just before the March 10 National Day of Appreciation for Abortion
Providers, the US Supreme Court has let stand a South Carolina law that
places medically unnecessary requirements on abortion providers in an
effort to drive them out of business or make abortions prohibitively
expensive for many patients.

WomensNet Headlines: March 8, 2001

Protest IMF For International Women's Day

The IMF's policies hurt women the most: SAPs make it much more difficult
for women to meet their families¹ basic needs. When education costs rise
due to user fees, girls are the first to be withdrawn from schools. User
fees in public health facilities make it unaffordable to those who need  it
most. The shift to export agriculture also makes feeding one's family
increasingly difficult. Women have also become more exploited in the
private sector workforce as regulations are rolled back and sweatshops
abound. The general lack of economic opportunity has meant an increase  in
prostitution and other black market jobs and indentured servitude.

SOUTH AFRICA: Women Of The World Speak Out

CAPE TOWN, Mar 7 (IPS) - International Women's Day will be celebrated in  a
truly global fashion in the South African city of Cape Town this year.  More
than 3,000 women from all walks of life gather at the Oliver Tambo  centre
in Khayalitsha, Cape Town, this week to listen to testimonies  from women
from a variety of countries including India, the Phillipines,
Cuba and Algeria.

LATAM: Women Have Less Access to Land

SAN JOSE, Mar 2 (IPS) - Women in Latin America have more limited access  to
land ownership than men, and the relatively few who do hold titles to  rural
property tend to own poor quality land, according to a recent  study.

CHILE: Church On Guard Against Contraceptives

SANTIAGO, Mar 2 (IPS) - The imminent authorisation of the RU-486 or
''day-after pill'' has further fuelled a controversy between the  Catholic
Church and the government unleashed by the elimination of  restrictions on
voluntary sterilisation.

One Woman Dies in Pregnancy or Childbirth Each Minute

WASHINGTON, Mar 7 (IPS) - For every minute that passes, another woman -
almost certainly in the developing world - dies in pregnancy or  childbirth,
a victim of poor or inaccessible reproductive health care,  according to a
new study to be released here Thursday, International  Women's Day, by two
key US advocacy groups.

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