CPC still bars business people from party

Mark Munsterhjelm gustav88 at SPAMms13.hinet.net
Thu Mar 8 21:06:08 MST 2001


As for being an "unwitting" pawn of US Imperialism I have no illusions about Taiwan's
proxy status
under US hegemony. The KMT and South Korea military governments founded the World
League in the 1960s composed of fascists, former Nazis and other related sorts. For
example Roberto
D'Aubuisson aka "Blowtorch Bob" (in reference to his favourite torture implement) is
alleged to have
said of his attendance at the KMT's Political Warfare academy in Peitou (a suburb of
Taipei) as best
courses he had ever taken. Also many Guatemalan military officers were trained at
these academies
expertise they put to horrific use against the peoples of Guatemala. We can't forget
Contra funding,
covert ops against the PRC etc. The Vietnam War was a major boost to Taiwan's
industrialisation and
the thousands of cash wielding GIs who came here for "R&R" were a major impetus to the
sex industry
and a major source of foreign exchange. The GIs favourite haunt just off Chung Shan
North Road in
Taipei is still called the "Combat Zone".

As for "returning" Taiwan to China. Taiwan is not part of China. Taiwan is occupied
Aboriginal lands
just as Canada is. The Dutch (1624 to 1661)began the invasion and colonisation of
Taiwan followed by
the Ming Dynasty loyalist Koxinga(1661 to 1683)  then the Ching Dynasty (1683 to
1895), Japanese
(1895 to 1945) and KMT (1945 to present). Even after two centuries of Chinese invasion
due to strong
military resistance by Taiwan's First Nations over 50 percent of Taiwan's territory
were still under
independent Taiwan First Nations control on the eve of the 1895 Japanese invasion.
Continued First
Nations resistance ensured that there was no Chinese presence or control of these
areas until the KMT
flooded it with refugee settlers and decommissioned soldiers after WWII in massive
land grab. So
those who claim that Taiwan is some inalienable part of China are also legitimating
the Japanese and
KMT's invasions and colonization of Taiwan's Aboriginal peoples.

 "Returning Taiwan to China" is a concept based on empty nationalist mythologies
without regard to
Taiwan's history. Taiwan is now a country dominated by people of Chinese ancestry but
it is still
occupied unceded Aboriginal lands.  Therefore it is not some "inalienable" part of
"China" and cannot
be "returned."

Mark Munsterhjelm
Sanchung, Taiwan (not a province of the PRC)

"Henry C.K. Liu" wrote:

> It is a self deception that Taiwan has de facto independence. Taiwan is a de facto
>US colony to
> fight Asian communism.  The price for the US to return Taiwan to China is for China
>to abandon
> communism.  You are unwittingly or perhaps wittingly playing to US imperialism by
> "conditions would likely have to improve in the PRC."
> Henry C.K. Liu
> Mark Munsterhjelm wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > Taiwan has de facto independence now. As for supporting a formal declaration, I am
>like most
> > Taiwanese in supporting the maintenance of the status quo for the foreseeable
>future. War is
> > still a serious possibility if independence was formally declared and few here
>want to risk
> > that. As for Taiwan eventually joining in some sort of formal political
>arrangement with China,
> > it's hard to say but conditions would likely have to improve in the PRC before
>that would have
> > lots of support here.
> >
> > Mark Munsterhjelm
> > Sanchung, Taiwan
> >
> > "Henry C.K. Liu" wrote:
> >
> > > The question is: do you support Taiwan independence as a political objective?
> > >
> > > Henry C.K. Liu
> > >

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