CPC still bars business people from party

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> On Fri, 9 Mar 2001, Henry C.K. Liu wrote:
> > Your version of the history of Taiwan is not factual.  Taiwan was
> > settled in the 7th century by Chinese from Fujian province and had been
> > part of China since.  Chinese immigrants did not have conflicts with
> > indigenous inhabitants and they intermarried.
> So you, like, checked into a time-machine and did field research to
> actually prove this? China was an empire and stomped all over its
> peripheries in the past. It continues to do so in Tibet. The point of any
> Marxism is to denounce oppression *everywhere*. The total system is, alas,
> total.
> > And I resent having to waste
> > precious energy and time to refute such a ridiculous view.
> You've said this several times. What exactly are you doing which
> is so valuable to humanity? Punting dot-bombs? Running Maoist rants to
> investment boutiques? Show us the money!
> -- Dennis

Dennis, the *tone* of your language is so unproductive that I don't even
find worth responding. A lot of personal affronts and jealousy. Be
respectful. I wonder on which lists you learn such habits: being on people's
nerves and objecting for the sake of objecting. As regards to Henry, he sent
a whole page to the list explaining the historical background of the issue.
Deal with those facts. If not, withdraw to comment as some of us do, since
you don't seem to be doing a field research in Taiwan either. Wasn't your
Phd about Adorno?

with regards to national liberation, since we are on a Marxism list not in
some cultural studies forum, you should know by now that Marxist support for
nationalism is not unconditional. Otherwise, we would all support the
secessionist demands in Yugo. Mac already replied so I have little to add. I
don't also know the specifics of Taiwan's history. I learn by listening to
others. You should do the same, post-modernist comrade!

bye, Mine

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