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Fri Mar 9 12:33:36 MST 2001

A few days ago, Mine effectively "spammed" this List with a dozen-or-so parts of
some posting, evidently in a fit of pique sparked by an uncomplimentary
reference to her by another List member.

I assumed that she would be approached off-List by the appropriate people and
asked to cease and desist. But now she recidives with some long posts from the
Fernand Braudel centre.

Surely articles of this length could be simply summarized (or a few paragraphs
replicated) and the URLs or other sources referenced for anyone who wishes to
read them.

Besides clogging/hogging the List and filling up our email limits (and adding
unnecessarily to Lou's costs), such spamming discourages others from posting to
the List on these or other topics, since one fears that short to-the-point
messages will get lost amidst the mammoth bricks that bookend them. And of
course many Digest subscribers  will, as I do, simply delete the whole block -
which may result in missing some worthwhile material that was sandwiched in the

In the last few days we had a number of very good threads going - on Taiwan,
Zimbabwe, the IS split, Academe, and complexity theory. Suddenly, the last one
took over to the virtual exclusion of everything else. It's as if one of the
guests in a crowded room, with a number of discussions going on in different
corners, suddenly went on a rant and silenced the whole room. Embarrassing!

Could I propose that we follow the policy on some other lists of limiting
individual posts to, say, three per individual a day? Along with the 30 kb limit
on each post, this should go a long way to resolving this problem.

Richard Fidler
rfidler at

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