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> A few days ago, Xxxx effectively "spammed" this List with a dozen-or-so
parts of
> some posting, evidently in a fit of pique sparked by an uncomplimentary
> reference to her by another List member.

Funny, none of those articles on value theory were "spams".
They were written by established academics in established journals. If I
were you, I would try to read, *understand* and deal with their arguments
(Jurriaan did actually). Only then a productive discussion can emerge. To
begin with, you are not the part of the discussion on value and complexity
theory. It is going on between me, Jurriaan and a couple of others. Just
because you can't deal with the issues does not make my posts irrelevant. It
shows how you are incapable of engaging in the discussion.

the other technical problem you are talking about (30 limit) makes zero
sense. I did not post *any* 30k byte of article. Instead, I divided them
into pieces. If you don't like them, just delete them.

as always, I find all the other comments of yours demagogue and
emotionally driven spams!!!



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