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 another 65000 inhabitants

 Israeli military authorities block Birzeit from the
 outside world

 March 7, 2001 (update: March 8, 2001)

On the eve of Sharon's swearing in at the Knesset, the Israeli military
authorities have been exercising harsh methods by blocking more roads in
towns and cities in the West Bank, making it almost impossible for people
to commute.At around midnight last night, the authorities went a step
further, and dug up two trenches in between Ramallah and Birzeit, cutting
it off completely from the outside world.  In addition to the trenches, the
authorities broke off water pipes and cut off the telephone lines,
prohibiting any kind of communication between the residents.  The two
trenches are about 4 meters long, three meters wide, with a depth of 3
meters each.  Beyond the two trenches, the bulldozer ruined another 100
meters of the road, by removing the asphalt, and digging up the road.  The
only way for people to reach Ramallah is to walk along the edges of the
trenches, and take a car going in that direction.  The trenches and the
ruined road fall in Area B. The students and staff of Birzeit University
are on a four-day holiday due to the Eid Al-Adha.  The staff are supposed
to come back to the University on Saturday, March 10, while the students
are due back on the 17th of March when the second semester starts.  If the
trenches are not closed off before Saturday, the staff will not be able to
reach the University.  All the roads leading to the University from
Al-Jalazon and northward have been closed for months, and the road dug up
was the only link between the villages of Surda, Abu Kash, Birzeit, Jifna,
Kobar and other villages with Ramallah.  Birzeit University condemns this
act perpetrated by the Israeli authorities, and considers it an act of
inhumanity and cruelty, aiming at imprisoning thousands of people in their
own homes and towns, while at the same time prohibiting the students of
Birzeit University from reaching the University campus to pursue their

 March 8, 2001:

The road to Birzeit is still closed, and thousands of people are imprisoned
in their own homes.  Today, even worse than yesterday, four armored
vehicles are patrolling the area where the trenches were dug, and people
are forbidden to even cross on foot.  So far, none of the residents of that
area know what is going on, and why the Israeli authorities have gone to
such extreme and inhumane measures.

 Birzeit University: http://www.birzeit.edu

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