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Sat Mar 10 07:22:33 MST 2001

Over on the wild and woolly world of Usenet, I have begun a little flame
war with an anarchist named Anarcho who had posted a response to a critique
by Alex Callinicos in the SWP magazine. Although I feel a little bit like a
cat playing with a mouse, it has planted a seed in my mind about doing a
series of articles on "Marxism and Anarchism" as soon as I am finished
investigating deregulation.

I'm not so much interested in abstract theorizing about the state, although
I will certainly get into that. I am much more interested in examining
anarchist activity and figures, such as Nestor Makhno, a saint of their
movement who was basically a peasant insurgent in the Ukraine in 1919-1921.
I have a 1982 book on Makhno written by one Michael Malet, which is proving

What I am looking for is books/articles that investigate topics like:

1. Kronstadt
2. Makhno
3. Spanish Civil War
4. etc.

(I should mention that it is not necessary to cite Trotsky's writings since
I am already intimately familiar with them.)

Also, if anybody knows of a book titled something like "Marxism versus
Anarchism", I'd like to know about that as well just to see how the topic
had been treated previously.

Louis Proyect
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