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I tend to agree with les on this issue. I seldom read long articles which
are included within email messages. it is easier for me to go to the link if
I desire to read these. I realize that this practice may effect people
differently in different parts of the world economy. I am only stating a
personal preference here. I think email messages function better as short
exchanges.I end up deleting most articles unless they are very short.
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> Patrick Bond said:
> > but I only use my home-based computer for downloading email. So I'm
> > one to vote for a full article (internet or otherwise) being
> > posted. And if sections of it are worth discussing, it also saves
> > everyone else having to go to the URL and plod through the load-up.
> i disagree.
> my sense of these lists are that the majority of subscribers will not read
> every piece. thus posting the whole thing is definitely a waste of
> _if_ the article is indeed available on the web. having a link offers the
> possibility of selective and delayed action, so for example those
> can retrieve the article at the optimum time, or in your case, you could
> simply browse to the article when you return to work.
> remember too that the last 100 messages are archived at
> so even if you download the emails on your home machine (thus deleting
> from your mail server) they are always quickly retrievable for at least a
> day or two via this link.
> as far as plodding through the load-up of web pages, remember too that it
> possible to turn off images in most modern web browsers, and this can save
> considerable amount of time when downloading text-based pages.
> for example, in Internet Explorer,
>   Tools --> Internet Options --> Advanced -->
>       scroll down to where it says Multimedia -->
>          uncheck "Show pictures"
> Netscape has a similar scheme for turning off image downloads.
> a final  note: when posting URLs for long articles, be sure to provide the
> most direct link. so rather than submitting a URL whose page _includes_ a
> link to the stuff in question, provide the very link to the page in
> itself. that way there is less plodding to do.
> les schaffer

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