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It may be helpful to be aware that for dated material, such as press reports and
periodical articles, URL's  often do not work after a short period.


Xxxx Xxxxxx wrote:

> Actually, I am the one voting for posting the full article too. To avoid
> polemics or endless debates,  it is better to post them as a separate
> information rather than posting as part of the discussion or in direct reply
> to someone else, unless otherwise necessary. Many times ULR connections do
> not work, and indeed cost more money (for people in the third world) to
> download the whole page from the web. Also note that some people have e-mail
> connections _without_ necessarily having an internet browser. Previously,
> when I was using school's old fashioned pine system, I did not have any
> access to internet, but just to e-mail.  Thus, it may be useful for such
> people to read the whole article through e-mail. As it is evident,
> _technicality_ is the issue here. People try to avoid posting a long article
> all at once because it will eventually bounce back or lock e-mail programs.
> If they send it in pieces, I don't think that there will be any problem in
> terms of technical issues.  It should be a matter of choice to post the
> whole article (in pieces) or just provide a web link with a brief
> description. For example, I do both depending on the nature and complexity
> of the article. Some issues (like value theory) are really _complex_ maters
> so it is better to read the original article _first_ and then comment upon
> it _later_ as Jurriaan and John did in response to my articles and comments.
> There are several threads going on Marxism list simultaneously. Not every
> issue individually interests the list members, but I don't go around
> complaining high volume and reflecting my distress upon other people. Like
> Pat, I find every contribution useful and something worth learning from, as
> the threads with Zim, Taiwan and complexity theory prove. Regardless of the
> length of article, _style_ and _tone_ of argumentation are the key points
> here.
> cheers, Mine
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> > Comrade Lou,
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> > I don't know if I'm the only one, here in SA where local phone-call
> > prices are devilishly high and copper lines are sluggish, but I
> > only use my home-based computer for downloading email. So I'm one to
> > vote for a full article (internet or otherwise) being posted. And if
> > sections of it are worth discussing, it also saves everyone
> > else having to go to the URL and plod through the load-up. Most of
> > what comes out on marxism list is very valuable to me, and I forward
> > a fair bit of it on to the e-debate list we run from Wits University.
> >
> > > From:          Louis Proyect <lnp3 at>
> > > As a general rule of thumb, if something is available on the net it is
> > > better to supply a few paragraphs that express the essence of the
> article
> > > followed by a URL

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