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Sat Mar 10 09:02:11 MST 2001

>It may be helpful to be aware that for dated material, such as press
reports and
>periodical articles, URL's  often do not work after a short period.

This is especially true for the NY Times articles I post here. I suggest
strongly that comrades follow my approach which is to select the meat of an
article so that other list members can determine for themselves whether it
is worth reading the whole thing. On the H-Humanities mailing list, which
is geared to academics and bends over backwards on "intellectual property"
questions, they will unsub you if you post anything much beyond a url.

The other thing to keep in mind is that I pay for the byte transferred. So
if you post a 100,000 byte article in its entirety, you are transferring 32
megabytes, based on 320 subscribers. (I hope my math is right!) Since I
have moved the "latest 100 messages" archive from the Panix machine to my
personal web space at Columbia, I should be saving about $35 per month on
web access, since this are the most heavily accessed pages, exceeding over
600mb per month recently.

But I am still hit with a tidy bill each month on the traffic for the list
per se. Here are the numbers from a recent statement:

Account # 00000-27490  marxism                 Type: mailing list

Resource  Rate     Per   Total      Amt Free    Billable        Subtotal
                         Usage                   Usage
BASE   - $  5.00   MON   1              0              1               $
XFER   - $  0.08   MB    1573         100         1473             $ 117.84

                                                                $ 122.84

The XFER figure is the one to look at. It states that 1473 megabytes were
transferred through the last in the billing month or something like 7 cents
per megabyte. So a 100,000 byte article costs me about $2.75 when it is
posted to the list.

So far I have been able to pay for the costs of the list with no problem.
But there will come a time when it is beyond my means, though not in the
immediate future. As long as my monthly expenses are around $150, it is no
sweat. However, I do want to make sure that the list is geared to
discussion and not crossposting of items either from websites or other
mailing lists.

If out of morbid curiosity you look at a list called "Marxism-Leninist"
(Stalinist really) on, you will find dozens of posts each
day that are nothing but cut and paste operations including articles from
the bourgeois press or manifestos from the website of some micro-sect.
Nobody discusses anything unless it is when the USSR became capitalist or
how Stalin was correct against Trotsky.

My strong suggestion to comrades is to be judicious. I don't want to
inhibit crossposting but I do want to make sure that it a means to end,
namely Marxist discussion and debate.

Louis Proyect
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