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Sat Mar 10 12:04:44 MST 2001

Well, I, of course, go along with Lou's decision to restrict the length of
articles to be posted from now on,  for the sake of reducing his costs. To
my knowledge, there has been an official restriction (actually banning) of
cross posting of exchanges from other lists, except may be piece of
information, flyers, news etc.No body has broken this rule recently on this
list. In the case of articles posted from the web, however,.there has not
been an official declaration of what the length of the articles should be to
be posted on the list. It is always implicit, but not explicit. In order to
eliminate the possibility of confusion, my humble advise to you guys, Lou &
Les, is write straight guidelines and rules concerning the length of
articles and post them on Marxism web site. By doing this, you can minimize
the possibility of being misunderstood, and also warn, in advance,
uninformed list members and new subscribers about how they should handle
their posts. Running a list serv is like designing a constitution. Explicit
rules are always necessary, so that if someones breaks the rules, you can
direct them to written evidence. For example, Henwood's list  debated a
similar issue for months . They could not come up with any solution because
the moderator does not have any rules. Any rule is the rule of nature there.
Marxism list is distinguished by its rule oriented nature, and list members
will salute any decision  that goes along with it.

cheers, Xxxx

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