Price of phone calls (Re: Spamming)

Xxxx Xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx at
Sat Mar 10 12:48:50 MST 2001

> Patrick Bond is the first person i have ever heard complain about having
> use a browser to access web links from a mail list. and i read A LOT of
> email lists. and his argument about "local phone-call prices are
> high and copper lines are sluggish" make no sense.

Les, we don't know the phone costs in South Africa .do you? I have heard
about a similar kind of complaint from people in Turkey too. Recently, my
relative, because of "local phone call prices" , could not pay her phone
bill and had to have her phone closed. I respect much of the technicalities
you are saying below, but we have to respect the situation of  third world
subscribers as well.

> of course, since Xxxx needed to split the text up into
> sections to meet the 30 kB posting limit, this overhead penalty >drops.

I divided the text into pieces to reduce the costs. So if penalty drops  for
the third world reader, why doesn't it drop for the first world reader. I
don't see the point. Do you mean that 10 posts a day (which I did only once
or twice may be *recently*)  increases the costs of maintaining a list serv?
where is the cost benefit analysis of the issue here?

> if it turns out that more than 15 or 20% of subscribers are reading the
> contents of every long post, then i believe the email list would benefit
> from a sister list which was meant only for cross-posted articles, a
> marxism-xpost if you will. perhaps someone like Henry or Mine would be
> willing to pay the costs of such a list, and i would volunteer to set
> up so both lists function smoothly together?

I rarely post cross-posted articles. Henry does not cross-post from the web
either. The ones I have recently posted  are very important pieces of
information related to the subject matter of discussion on value and
complexity theory. Sometimes, the only way to encourage a discussion is to
post articles from the web and ask people to comment upon it.Actually, I
learnt a great deal of information from those who gave me feedback on value
& comp  theory. We can not solve this problem by giving abstract statistical
figures of who want to read the whole article or who don't. We can never
achieve those figures except for conducting a survey. Are you willing to do
that? In any case, I go along with the rules if the rules are explained in a
reasonable manner and do not target any person.

In regards for willing to pay for the costs, I would definitely contribute
if I could. At the moment, I can not even pay for my monthly 40 box phone
bill as a graduate student. So your offer makes zero sense to me. May be you
should contribute as a computer programmer. Why not?

In any case, you guys can still follow my advise and write straight rules
about the length of articles on Marxism web site. Only then you can avoid
the kind of confusions that may arise out of this debate.

cheers, Mine

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