CGT (Moyano) declares war on the model and the López Murphy administration

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[personal translation by Néstor Gorojovsky]

March 8, 2001



It is already more than a decade that we are struggling in the streets of our country
against the model of neoliberal adjustment imposed by Menem-Cavallo.  We have always
claimed that this model not only was going to generate a degree of social exclusion
unprecedented in the history of the Argen
tineans, it was also going to produce the almost complete liquidation of the national
patrimony, an explosive increase in the foreign debt, and the generalized
deindustrialization of the country.

We also stated that the currency board system, in combination with a complete aperture
of the economy was unescapably taking us to the loss of our foreign markets, to a rise
in joblessness, to the reduction of wages, and to the destruction of the domestic

The current administration promised a change. They lied. They profoundized the model
still more: Brutal tax rises (_Impuestazo_), Law imposed wage reductions, reactionary
reforms to the labor code, violation of retirement rights, bribery, corruption,
flexibilizatión of the workers, a rise in une
mployment and underemployment, absence of an effective social protection. They forgot
their so proclaimed "ethics", and they rehearsed the worst Menemist tradition. They
trampled on the Constitution, and made use and abuse of the authoritarian decrees of
need and urgency.

We workers stood, arms crossed, we did not give up, and we keep confronting the model
as well as the Administration's hypocrisy. We warned, during the mobilization against
the reform of the labor code of February 24, 2000, that no spurious agreement would
hide the betrayal to the popular mandate
 and subjection to the IMF. Since March 16th, when the new leadership took office, the
CGT =in a continuation of the struggles of the previous decade- made its compromise
with the workers and the Argentinean people twice as strong.

Thus, we resisted -mobilized always- the labor code reform, we were brutally
repressed, we denounced the most shameful mechanism used in the Senate to vote
favorably laws that are harmful for millions of Argentineans, we repudiated the IMF
imposed policies on May 31st, when 100,000 fellow countr
ymen answered our call in the largest global mobilization against the institution that
is the badge of this perverted model, we mobilized against the wage cut (September 6)
and against the economic policy (october 11), we convened and pushed forward the
massive strikes of May 5, June 9 and Novem
ber 23/24, and we accompanied evry protest and demonstration by the unemployed, the
retired, and the struggling workers the country over.

At the same time, however, we offered the Administration alternative propositions and
alternative projects, in the realm of the economic as well as in that of labor
relations, in health, in the fields of the institutional and the social, with a clear
national and popular contents, without receiv
ing a single answer. We made active part in social concertation with the sectors and
organizations of industrial production, of agriculture and trade, with social and
labor organizations within the Board of Consensus proposed by the Church, which the
Government also dismissed.

De la Rúa, insensitive to the voice of the people, made the same measures deeper, and
as an unescapable consequence of the model brought the country to default. It was at
this moment when the creditors invented the famous "shield" as a magical solution,
when in fact it was just a mechanism to ha
ve the international financial usury cashing the money that the Argentinean people
would go on paying.

The false expectations that a reactivation of economy and a growth in employment would
be obtainde by this method vanished in less than one month.

Now, they have pulled the mask off. The Administration expresses the model. And they
have installed the crudest version of the orthodoxy: López Murphy and the Talibans of
the market, the FIEL fundamentalists.

We Argentineans know them very well. They are the same ones who together with Martínez
de Hoz and the military dictatorship broke the law in 1976 and began, genocide
included, the assault against national and popular interest.

These are the same ideologues who, all along these years, managed to impose reductions
of wages, massivelayoffs, the destruction of social security and of labor
organizations, as well as the reduction of the sovereign State, the ellimination of
constitutional rights and guarantees, an overall we
akening of democracy, and brought on us this actual social genocide that has been
imposed on the Argentineans of today. They represent the purest essence of this model
of savage capitalism.

That is why we can clearly state that clowns are not enough any more. The circus owner
has had to hold the helm in person: the IMF, the usury of financial capital, and their
most faithful local sepoys: FIEL.

The situation of the country does not admit a single more adjustment. And the
Administration still insists. The accounts of this model can't come to a close, not
even with the repression that they are already preparing.

The Argentinean People does not give in, nor does the CGT falter. It is a lie when
they say that there is no alternative. They exist, but they are antipodal with the
interests of financial usury and corruption.

Today, our people has no capacity to consume, the industries cannot manufacture, the
traders cannot sell, the farmers cannot produce, employed, unemployed and retired
workers cannot buy. They have jibarized the country, now they want to destroy the

It is essential to put the Argentinean economy in motion. This implies a reactivation
of the domestic market, and the generation of employment before we remain devoid of
everything. In order to do this, we need an increase in consumption through a shock
that must be at the same time redistributi
ve and of demand by means of immediate subsidization of 1,000,000 unemployed household
heads, a rise in wages and basic retirement wages, all of this financed by a tributary
reform which will elliminate subsidization to the monopolic companies of privatized
public services and modify the regress
ivity of the system. A progressive reduction in the Value Added Tax and a
strengthening -by way of tariffs and para-tariffs- of our national production must
accompany these measures. All of this, in one year, would imply a growth of 10% in the
GDP, and the creation of 1,000,000 stable workplaces

Everyone knows that all the above is possible, but that requires political will and
national vocation.  It is necessary to think of the Argentinean people and in the
Homeland we all deserve. We must stop kneeling down in front of those from abroad. We
must change the model, and build the Nation
anew. On this road, we compromise all our strength, and we make sure to anyone who
wants to hear that we shall struggle until we obtain our goals.

In view of all the above, the Central Confederal Board, after remembering the
compañera Eva Perón and all the compañeras who gave their life to the cause of our
homeland, in this International Day of Women, decides:

1.- To declare the state of Alert and Mobilization

2.- To further deepen the Struggle Plan, allowing the Steering Committe to establish
the date of an Active National Strike

3.- In the same sense, to ratify the decissions made by the Steering Board, namely: a)
Rally in repudiation of the military coup of March 24th at 25 years of its
realization, and in hommage to every worker murdered and disappeared, and jailed under
the military dictatorship, to be held on March
22nd at 3 P.M. in front of the Monument to Labor, Paseo Colón and Independencia, in
the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. b) To mobilize the CGT together with all the
remaining organizations that are calling for the central rally on March 24th c)
Mobilization repudiating the ALCA (Free Trade Agre
ement of the Americas), during the presence in Bueos Aires of the Ministers of Trade
of the countries that may potentially become its members (april 5 and 6) 4.- To
promote the constitution of a multisectoral board where every sector from manufacture,
agrarian production, commerce, services, cul
ture, education, labor, political, religious and social leaders, and all those who are
aggreded by this economic system can develop and strengthen the alternatives to this
model of social exclusion social and national destruction.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at

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