International Socialist Tendency Split

Tony Abdo aabdo at
Sat Mar 10 21:51:54 MST 2001

Forgive me my 'haughty attitude' towards carpetbaggers, Lou.

<Let's not adopt such a haughty attitude toward the carpetbaggers. The
hatred directed toward them by official AmeriKKKan historiography has a
lot to do with resentment toward the abolition of slavery and the
radical democratic aftermath during reconstruction.>

It is true what you say about the SWP having been just as clueless in
Kansas City, as it was in Houston, about how to go about building a
local organization rooted in the area.       But Kansas City does not
have the same historical background as Houston, and the rest of the
South, has.

Part of the heritage, is resentment against 'outsiders' coming into the
region on the coattails of the federal government.     These
carpetbaggers come with their positions given to them through the
national government.

The way to break this historical heritage, is to build a native cadre of
multi-racial Leftists, instead of continuing the tradition of
importation of radical ideas, and radical organizers..

This is no easy task.     The Communist Party also failed in the '30s.
And the Civil Rights Movement failed in the '60s to make much headway.
So both the SWP and CWP have plenty of company in the process of failing
at organizing in the South.

What is even more of concern, is how the American AFL-CIO is failing in
the immediate present at doing any better.    Any upsurge of radicalism
in the US that does not make headway in confronting and help changing
the character of the South, will ultimately fail nationally, and

Internationally?      Yes, because the South is the bedrock of US

<The reason that the SWP failed to sink roots in Houston is the same
reason it failed to sink roots anywhere. It built branches by importing
cadre and then recruited people through propaganda activity. It had
about as much clue in Houston as it did in Kansas City, my last branch
before dropping out. A Marxist party can not be built in this fashion.
It has to be built the way that the Bolshevik party was built, by
gathering together Marxist activists around a fighting class struggle
program broadly defined. Our day will come.>

Our day will not come, if the South cannot be reconstructed.

Tony Abdo

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