Patrick Bond pbond at
Sun Mar 11 00:49:00 MST 2001

> Date:          Sat, 10 Mar 2001 13:56:24 -0500
> From:          Les Schaffer <schaffer at>
> Patrick Bond is the first person i have ever heard complain about having to
> use a browser to access web links from a mail list. and i read A LOT of
> email lists. and his argument about "local phone-call prices are devilishly
> high and copper lines are sluggish" make no sense. Here's why:
> say someone posts a 30 kB article to the email list. now say you browse to
> the original article itself, with image loading turned off as per my earlier
> post. what are the extra costs?

Aside from redialing to connect again just when you want to read
the article in question, there's the time factor while uploading on
a crackly phone line that can't do more than 30bps or so. My email
uploads while I'm putting the coffee on, running errands and so
forth. Also, I have a 1994 machine with all the wrong software to
browse. Can barely keep one window open, so the problem isn't solved
that way. Anyhow, excuse me my ludditism! It's a lot worse anywhere
else up-continent I can assure you, comrade. (And we do all
appreciate the success you and Lou have had making this a
clear--probably the clearest--of listserves.)

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