Price of phone calls (Re: Spamming)

Patrick Bond pbond at
Sun Mar 11 00:49:01 MST 2001

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> Subject:       Price of phone calls (Re: Spamming)
> Les, we don't know the phone costs in South Africa .do you? I have heard
> about a similar kind of complaint from people in Turkey too. Recently, my
> relative, because of "local phone call prices" , could not pay her phone
> bill and had to have her phone closed. I respect much of the technicalities
> you are saying below, but we have to respect the situation of  third world
> subscribers as well.

Actually we have the "Thugs from Texas" -- SBS who own 30% of our SA
Telkom (in a joint venture also involving Malaysians) -- to thank for
raising local prices 200% since 1997 while lowering long-distance
call prices. They claim it's a technological necessity thanks to
internet dialing; we just know that it's impossible to
cross-subsidise any more... another classical privatisation story.

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