Party Building in the 70s and Party Building Now

Mark Lause lause at
Sun Mar 11 06:56:00 MST 2001

Tony Abdo wrote:

> Unfortunately, putting the label *Zinovievism* on this whole sorry state
> of affairs, is hardly going to be enough to purge the Communist Movement
> of it's long historical legacy of intolerance towards 'deviationism'.

I agree that the problem runs deeper than this--and deeper than the Communist
legacy.  In the history of the American Left, the "New Left" disparaged the
accomplishments of the radicals in the 30s and 40s.  Those at the time
denounced the social democratic, syndicalist, and anarchists of the pre-World
War I years.  The Socialist Party ignored the very real achieements of the
early Socialist Labor Party (particularly the pre-DeLeon organization).  The
earliest political socialists in the US pretended as though they weren't
building on decades of efforts by others before them.  If socialists are guilty
of this, it is no more so than the self-described "anarchists," the Single
Taxers, etc.

If we've not won completely in the past, we tend to toss it aside and want to
start from scratch.  This is the civilization, after all, where "Tomorrow is
the first day of the rest of your life."  American memory generally is like
that of a computer where somebody's leaning on the reset button.


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