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She told me that the Klan was outside. Indeed
> it was. One 4 separate corners about 50 yards from the hq, there were men
> either in white robes or in military fatigues. Every one of them was armed
> with appeared to be M-16s. So what would have been an appropriate
> Arm ourselves with similar weapons, like the CWP did in Greensboro? We
> called the Houston cops since the Klan was breaking the law, knowing full
> well that the cops and the klan were in cahoots. The cops showed up 10
> minutes after the Klan had left, to prove that point.
> Louis Proyect

 Which also proves just how inneffectual, and indeed self-defeating, it is
for the supposedly "revolutionay" left to be relying on the state for
protection. This is after all, the very state we are supposed to be
hell-bent on overthrowing!

Perhaps if the CWP had been armed with M16's then they wouldn't have fared
so badly. As I understand it (and I am open to correction, having only read
of this incident in SL lit), the CWP were unarmed (or at least, didn't have
firearms). And surely the whole point of this tale isn't that this was a
shootout between extremist factions (as reported by the media) but a
massacre of communist activists by the KKK, who were infiltrated by the FBI
and protected by the cops. Harold Covington, who was the orchestrator of
this attack, and leader of the "National-Socialist White Peoples Party" is
now well known to have been  working for the Feds. (Incidentally, Covington
was also a major mover behind the creation of Combat-18 in the UK, itself
later exposed as a state front, used to attack the far-left).

 It seems to me strikingly obvious that if your enemies are armed then you
should also be armed appropriatly. In the UK, Anti-fascist Action, the group
your correspondent is referring to, entered into 'squaddist' assaults on the
BNP. NF and then Combat 18 (much to the disdain of the bulk of the
trotskite/liberal left, despite the fact that it was their members who were
been beaten and terrorised on the streets and in their homes on a regular
basis). Although firearms were never used in open conflicts, every weapon
short of such was utilised by both sides. And as was pointed out, the result
was that the British far-right gave up on open activity for half a decade as
a direct result of these attacks.

 The lesson learnt by Anti-fascist Action is that to dissuade attacks on
your organisations from the far-right, you have no option open than to
'terrorise the terrorists'. It does work. Fascism thrives on the weakness of
it's targets. It crumbles in the face of strength. 'Pro-active
Self-defence', if you like.

 The far-right in Britian does have access to fire-arms, however they tend
to only be 'holding' them in transit for the rather more threatening
fascists of the Loyalist death-squads in occupied Ireland. There, of course,
the response from the 'left' (ie Republicanism) to armed fascist and state
attacks was a very effective response in kind.


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