Damn Yankees Think They Know Everything, Don't They?

Tony Abdo aabdo at SPAMwebtv.net
Sun Mar 11 09:35:29 MST 2001

Even though I only am as smart as Moe the Barber, according to Lou, I
will stick with my assertion that there is a regional resentment in the
South based on the history of defeat, and then being under the thumb of
another part of the country, the North.     And not just the question of
race and racism.

This should be no surprise to anybody.    Mexicans often resent the
Chilangos of Mexico City.     In Colombia, there are also strong
regional antagonisms.     This is true in every other country of the
world, from Britain to Russia, France to Spain.

The US is no different, and it involves more than just race.     It
involves the reality, that some regions hoarde resources for there own
benefit, at the expense of others.     I think with Dubya in office with
Dick, the shoe is now somewhat on the other foot.     And it hurts.

When I first joined the SWP and came into contact with New Yorkers in
Houston, my first impression was .... what an arrogant bunch of
assholes.     It had nothing to do with being a KKK supporter.     It
had a lot to do with the fact that..... many East Coast intellectuals
are just that.     An arrogant bunch of assholes.

Moving to Phili for a year did nothing to dispell my original
impressions.     The East Coast truly does feel itself to be a superior
part of the US.     From the Ivy League types on 'down'.     Lou, you
think we don't know that down South?

As for as about the CP being a success in the South!, what a joke.

<Except for the alliance with the Democratic Party, most of what they
did was worth emulating.>

Lou, that's a big **except** there.    I don't want to pick on the CP,
because the rest of the Left has not exactly been a big hit in the
South, either.     Many Leftists would just say.... that it is because
the South is backward, and that it is natural that the Left has a hard
time growing here.

But it is also true that if Russian control over the Third International
destroyed the democracy from other regions that would have made this
organization a success, the Northern orientation of US radicalism's
leaders has hindered organizing in the South.

The Left is almost totally lacking in presence in the South.     That's
a true measure of how successful the CP was ultimately, with it's Durham
local that Lou mentions.

Although, radical groups now have their national offces sometimes
located outside of New York City, I can think of none of them that would
even remotely have considered setting there headquarters down somewhere
in the South.     This is a measure of their history, and not just the
backwardness of Southerners.

Once again..... Moe on Imperialism.    If the Left is unable to organize
in the South of the US, it will hinder any real effort to stop the US
war machine.      That's where the support for the military is literally

And a Left that cannot participate meaningfully in social struggle in
the South, will not be able to politically counter the hold of
capitalist ideology on the working class of the US as a whole.

Moe, the dope, has spoke.    I await Columbia University's reply.


Tony Abdo:
Part of the heritage, is resentment against 'outsiders' coming into the
region on the coattails of the federal government.     These
carpetbaggers come with their positions given to them through the
national government.

Lou's reply.....
<This is just plain wrong. The resentment is over being pro-equality for
African-Americans, not over coming from NYC, etc.>

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