International Socialist Tendency Split

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> You really should make an effort to understand American politics and the
> special role of the KKK. It is unlike anything that exists in Great
> Britain. The Klan murdered tens of thousands of blacks through the 1950s
> with the full backing of the state.
> Louis Proyect
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I think you'll find that the KKK has a very close similarity to the forces
of Loyalism/Unionism which play much the same role in occupied Ireland (and
Scotland) as what the KKK has done in the USA.

But anyway, I was really wanting a bit more background on the Greensboro
massacre and the CWP but the political arguement was just so glaringly
obvious I had to make it. When did Marx, Engels, Lenin or Trotsky ever write
on how it was acceptable to rely on the state to fight the state?

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