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Sun Mar 11 10:36:39 MST 2001

Louis Proyect wrote:

> Marxist economists who know about complexity theory are Fransisco Louca and
> Anwar Shaikh. Louca defines the complexity approach as "the formalisation
> of the non-linear, structurally unstable and creative relations in
> economies". Louca does a good introductory article called "Ernest Mandel
> and the pulsation of history", in Gilbert Achcar (ed), The legacy of Ernest
> Mandel (Verso 1999) which gives a feel for the subject. And Louca wrote a
> big two-volume work on Kondratieff waves, and another on methodology called
> "Turbulence in Economics" (which is a critique of empiricist econometrics).

The correct name is Francisco Louçã (which reads more or less like Loussan).
I haven't read his economic works. Though still quite young (in his late 40's,
I presume) he is the longtime leader of the portuguese Partido Socialista
Revolucionário (PSR), which is a troskyite organization affiliated in the
mandelite current (IV Int - Unified Secretariat).

Louçã is now also the leader of the parliamentary group of the Bloco de
Esquerda (Left Bloc), which consists of himself and another deputy. The Bloco
de Esquerda is a gathering of trotskyites (PSR), former stalinists (UDP),
post-communists and many independent civic leftists intent on constituing an
"alternative" left.

For my taste, this alternative (in discourse, as well as in practice) looks a
lot like an alternative to class struggle. The electorate of the Bloco is
formed mainly of students, other urban youths and intellectual professionals.

João Paulo Monteiro

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