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> >But anyway, I was really wanting a bit more background on the Greensboro
> >massacre and the CWP but the political arguement was just so glaringly
> >obvious I had to make it. When did Marx, Engels, Lenin or Trotsky ever
> >on how it was acceptable to rely on the state to fight the state?
> >J.
> Trotsky collaborated with the Mexican police and army in apprehending the
> terrorists who launched an armed attack in 1940, prior to the successful
> assassination attack. Even when the cops arrested two of his guards in the
> aftermath, he insisted on police protection. You can read all about this
> v. 3 of Deutscher's biography.
> Louis Proyect
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I wasn't aware of this and I will certainly have a read of that volume.
Thank you for bringing it to my attention.


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